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  • MHC Aviation is a trustful aviation consultancy company offering their services in a professional and accurate manner, would it be crew selection, background screening, payroll and contracting services or any other service of their wide portfolio. With their aviation background and experience, they act not only as everyday support but also as a proactive and solution-driven advisor with a comprehensive understanding of the industry.

    Bergur  G. Jonasson
    Bergur G. Jonasson

    Vice President Human Resources & IT | Air Atlanta Icelandic

  • MHC Aviation has been extremely helpful for us on various levels: providing us with the platform to reach potential contractors and applicants, giving us tools and advice on selection procedure, taking care of meeting all the legislation requirements, offering the most suitable insurance policies and many more. We are very grateful to the MHC Aviation team who is extremely dedicated and always eager to assist.

    Jonas Rinkauskas

    CEO | Heston Airlines

  • ​We have to confirm, that the cooperation with MHC Aviation is absolutely trouble-free every time. All services are managed professionally, clearly, quickly and with no mistakes. What we were promised was always fully respected. Trusting and discreet cooperation with MHC Aviation forms the professional basis of our aviation services.

    ​E. Petur Ulfarsson
    ​E. Petur Ulfarsson

    CEO / Accountable Manager | JETMX

  • The MHC Aviation team has proved to be a helpful partner in the areas related to recruitment, contracting and payroll. We highly appreciate their constant support and expertise enabling us to develop our business more effectively. This company works on a superior level and provides high-quality services tailored to our requirements.

    Evaldas Petkus

    CEO | DAT LT