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Tailor-made package solutions from Aviopartners reduce the need for administration and save on costs

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Tailor-made package solutions from Aviopartners reduce the need for administration and save on costs

The unique Aviation solution from Aviopartners is more than just a set of reports on what is needed for a successful aviation operation. Aviopartners, in conjunction with its associates, shoulders the full responsibility for getting the real job done. The customer can keep focusing on the business plan and the commercial operation of the business while Aviopartners handles the rest.

As an example, Aviopartners can gather everything needed for an AOC, supply crew and crew planning, and establish OCC/MCC 24/7 on any continent, including all necessary permits and paperwork. It can be for startups or established businesses, for freight, charter, or special operations, or even for special cases such as moving operations to a subsidiary.

In situations where an airline’s administrative resources are stretched to the limit,

Aviopartners can help with both projects and continuing operations. Due to the pandemic finding personnel with the right competencies has become difficult and here Aviopartners can step in with our network of partners with solid global experiences.

Working with Aviopartners leads to savings normally available only to large-scale operations even for small and medium size airlines. This is ideal for airlines with thin start-up budgets or airlines needing to slim their organization. For example, Aviopartners can offer airline management, crew, and staffing solutions worldwide with more than 20 years of experience, with full HR services including background and scanning, contracts, payroll, and insurance.

Aviopartners offer CAMO (Continuing Airworthiness Management Organization) with ARC- reviews and maintenance programs, and all levels of operational and management positions, together with manuals, audits, and AOC/CAMO PART 145 and TCO start-up/support.

Aviopartners has 24/7 access to global telemedicine to assist flight crews in emergencies. Plug-and-play line maintenance can be assembled for quick startup of new stations, and aircraft storage and maintenance services are available. One of Aviopartners associates has supplied more than 300 airlines with safe and secure air-to-ground radio service, as well as 24/7 Operations Control Center (OCC) for flight dispatch, operational ATC, flight plans, weather, schedule planning, overflight and landing permits, and crew planning, all for both long and short term.

Aviopartners personnel and partners have over 50 years of industry experience and are familiar with all required standard aviation procedures, including the United States. Partner companies include CAMO Air Hudik (since 2007), AOC Solution Sweden AB (founded in 2007), LifeLink on Call, MHC Aviation in Riga, Cyprus, and Malta (since 2003), Nordic MRO in Sweden, and STORADIO in Stockholm (since 1968).

“With the wide knowledge and experience we have within the group; airlines don’t need any other partners” says Joakim Andersson, Chairman of the steering committee Aviopartners.

Aviopartners can bring order to chaos by managing all the necessary components for a successful aviation business and bringing in experienced industry experts, all ready to go from day one.

For more information and questions contact:

Joakim Andersson


+46 730 539 500